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New York Yankees Need To Plan For 2020 and Beyond

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The New York Yankees need a plan for 2020

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There is nothing worse for the New York Yankees right now than what the franchise is dealing with currently. The team sits in fourth place in the AL East with a 55-50 record and is 7.5 games out of first place. This is not where the team expected to be at this point of the season.

Whether you see that as a good thing or a bad thing, consider the following: New York was expected to have Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter all in the lineup by mid-July. Granderson and Teixeira both were injured again and Jeter played one game before re-injuring himself too. The captain did return on Sunday to hit a home run, but it has not helped the team immensely.

What makes matters worse is that whether or not you think he would help the lineup, Alex Rodriguez is bringing the circus back to the Bronx, and it has started with the Biogenesis scandal and now his displeasure with the way his rehab assignments are being handled. Rodriguez has been vocal about his displeasure but has been more mum on the performance-enhancing drug issue, which could give him a lifetime ban from baseball.

So what do the Yankees do now? This will probably not be their year to win the division, and they may not even sneak into a wildcard spot.

New York needs to begin planning for the next six years. They really need to focus on what the team’s proper needs and wants are. Once a plan is laid out, the front office needs to execute.

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Eat A-Rod's Contract

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The best thing the Yankees can do with Alex Rodriguez is to just give him his money and let him walk. He is bringing too much negative light onto the team and onto the game of baseball. It is time to just literally put his money where his mouth is so he can shut up and walk away from the game which he has continually shamed.

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Let Robinson Cano Go

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New York is not as willing as the Los Angeles Dodgers are to sign soon-to-be free agent second baseman Robinson Cano. The Yankees should not want to spend $200 million on a 30-year-old. It has not worked for any team to spend that kind of money over an inordinate number of years.

If the team is really looking to cut payroll, Cano's relationship with New York needs to have a bittersweet ending.

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No More Last-Minute Veterans

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Sure, watching Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner have good Aprils was fun, but where are they now? The 36-year-old Hafner is on the DL and barely batting over .200. Wells is splitting time at DH, but is 3-for-17 in his last six games.

Both players have overstayed their welcome, and New York has to move on from them after this season and not try to fill their position with over-the-hill vets when they could be filled by someone in the farm system.

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Focus On Farm System

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New York's farm system is not the worst. When Gary Sanchez comes up and Melky Mesa gets a full-time role, New York is going to look great and the organization really needs to turn its head back to the farm.

Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Alfonso Soriano and Derek Jeter were all original Yankees who are all on the way out within the next two-three years. The Yankees need to find the next Jeter, Pettitte, etc. soon.

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Rebuild Through Draft

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It is teams like the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals who have shown that World Series can be won without big-name stars that they acquired through free agency. Both teams were built through trades and through the draft. New York has to take a look at that and realize that buying superstars is not what wins championships.

When the Yankees realize that, all will be well. Sure, some of these steps may be hard to swallow for Yankees fans that are accustomed to winning ball games, but the tides are changing and New York needs to move with them for the sake of the future of the franchise and its fans.