Philadelphia Phillies Need to Trade Michael Young, Promote Cody Asche

By Marilee Gallagher
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, now that the Philadelphia Phillies are no longer contenders, the decision to trade Michael Young should be an easy one.

While Young has provided the Phillies with reliable and consistent offense this season, he was only signed on a one-year deal. The expectation at the time was that Young would help the team compete in 2013. The other expectation was that Young would be a stop-gap and that by season’s end, Cody Asche of the Triple-A Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs would be ready to take over full-time third base duties.

Well, Asche is ready now — and with the rest of the season no doubt serving as a proving ground on which the team will rebuild, it is the perfect time to promote him.

The 22-year-old Asche, who has yet to make his major league debut, was ranked ninth on the Phillies’ list of top prospects entering this season. Since being drafted just two years ago in 2011, he has methodically climbed the minor league ranks. His tools have been coming along and in the past two seasons, Asche has found some power in his bat as well. With 13 home runs in 103 games, 2013 has been a career year for his power development.

In addition to power, though, he is a contact hitter and one that can steal a base or two as well. He even has the potential to become a decent leadoff hitter for a club that is in desperate need of one. Most importantly, the youngster is turning into an extra-base machine.

The young third baseman has all of the qualities this team needs right now. So the question shouldn’t be when is he going to make his debut, but rather, why hasn’t he already?

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