Philadelphia Phillies: With Jimmy Rollins Staying, Who is Most Likely Gone?

By Rebekah Milsted
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a lot of comments going around the Philadelphia Phillies’ clubhouse lately, and Jimmy Rollins has said that he is going to stay in Philadelphia. With the shortstop wanting to stay and taking one trade chip away from the team, who is going to be gone by the trade deadline?

Over the last two weeks, it seemed as if the Phillies were going to offer Chase Utley a contract extension. Now with Rollins wanting to stay, Utley may be on the chopping block.

He would be a good investment for a team who is going to make a playoff run this season. Utley’s average this season is .274. He has 36 RBIs with 13 home runs. Since Utley is a free agent next season, he could go to a team for the remaining of the season and then the Phillies could offer him a contract for next year.

The other player who could now be gone is Cliff Lee, who had chosen the Phillies for less money over other teams because he wanted to pith here. Trading him would be hard especially since he is the team’s ace this season. Lee’s record is 10-4 with an ERA of 3.05. He gives the Phillies a chance to win every fifth day.

The Phillies have to make up their mind soon about what they are going to do. There is not much time left. As hard as it is to move players who are fan favorites, Ruben Amaro Jr. has to think of the seasons ahead. Rebuilding seems like it is the best course for the Phillies’ future.

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