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5 Detroit Tigers Who Could Be Traded Tommorow

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5 Detroit Tigers Who Could Be Traded Tomorrow

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The Detroit Tigers have already struck in the trading market, but they have made no doubts about it that they are not done trying to grab a trade by tomorrow's trading deadline. While the focus has been on acquiring players, that also means that players need to be traded away from the Tigers in order to make those trades happen.

Many Tigers can feel safe that they will not be going anywhere, but there are a few both on the current roster and down in Toledo that are going to be having a tough time sleeping tonight knowing that at any moment they could be heading to a non-contending team as part of a trade both big and small.

Some of the names on this list are names that every GM is going to have on their mind when they receive a call from Dave Dombrowski inquiring about one of their players while some will be throw ins that will allow smaller deals to go through. One thing is for sure; you can never quite predict what Dombrowski is going to end up doing, but these names have solidly come up in each rumor out there.

So as we reach the eve of one of the most exciting days in baseball, take a look at the current Tigers who may be enjoying their last full day as members of the organization. The odds are pretty good that at least one if not more on this list will be boarding an airplane tomorrow.

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#5 Rick Porcello

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It's going to take a mighty big trade for Rick Porcello to be dealt, but the Tigers, who were shopping Porcello around in Spring Training, have been open to the possibility if it lands them the right piece. Still with how Porcello has pitched recently it's hard to see him moving at this point unless there is a large multi-player deal in the works.

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#4 Casey Crosby

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Casey Crosby is a likely name you might see pop up tomorrow. He was up with the club last season and is just a 24 year old lefty pitcher. The Tigers have so much depth at pitcher that it's going to be hard for Crosby to move up in the organization meaning he is a piece that the Tigers could move and could engage interest from other teams.

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#3 Phil Coke

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Why would anyone want Phil Coke? Your guess is as good as mine, but for some reason there has been Internet chatter about the Atlanta Braves being interested in Coke. At this point any team willing to take Coke without the Tigers having to play them money and apologies is a trade you must consider. Just make sure Jim Leyland doesn't find out.

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#2 Avisail Garcia

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Avisail Garcia or "Mini Miggy" has dazzled scouts and is a player everyone is going to want to take a run at in a possible trade. Garcia has shown tremendous growth from two years ago, continues to improve his hitting, and he may be expendable -- especially if the Tigers are getting a star outfielder in return.

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#1 Nick Castellanos

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Nick Castellanos is the name that Dave Dombrowski is going to be sick of hearing soon. He is the star prospect of the organization and is getting closer and closer to being Major League ready by the minute. The only way he moves is for a player like Giancarlo Stanton. While most top prospects are untouchable, Dombrowski has not minded trading them in the past if the price matches what he receives.