Are the New York Yankees Buyers or Sellers?

By robertambrose
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In a typical season, the New York Yankees would be buyers at the trade deadline, not sellers.  However, this season has been anything but typical.  The team has had no luck being able to fight off the injury bug that struck them in last year’s playoffs when Derek Jeter fractured his ankle.  Since then, the bug has done nothing except get worse.

There are a lot of unanswered questions for the Yankees going into the second half.  How are the Yankees going to be able to climb out of their fourth place hole in the AL East where they are currently seven games out of first?  There is also the uncertainty of when to expect notable players such as Kevin Youkilis and Curtis Granderson, who have multiple stints on the disabled list this season, and Alex Rodriguez, who has not played all season and has a possible suspension pending.

The injuries do not stop there.  Mark Teixeira only played 15 games this season while battling a wrist injury.  Francisco Cervelli has visited the disabled list with a broken hand.

During this past offseason, the Yankees remained buyers, determined to fill the holes that were left by the injured players that they already had.  Signing Kevin Youkilis in hopes that he would fill in for Rodriguez has only made things worse as Youkilis has battled back problems throughout most of this season.   Youkilis’ trips to the disabled list has opened up the door for Jayson Nix and most recently Luis Cruz, who was acquired from the Dodgers to play third when Nix injured his hamstring.

The one thing that is for certain for the Yankees is that they have significantly lacked production at the third base, first base, shortstop and catcher positions throughout the season.  It is going to be really hard for the Yankees to be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline as the majority of their good players are injured and have no trade value.

The issue with the Yankees trying to be buyers is that the prospects that they have used to try and fill some of the holes of the injuries are considered to be below average replacement level which gives them little trade value as well.

The best thing for the Yankees to do is simply hope that their star players, including Granderson and Cervelli, can come back healthy and strong to help the Yankees with production, and that Rodriguez can return from his hip injury and avoid being suspended by the MLB, at least until after the season is over.  That is the best way for the Yankees to make a second half run.

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