Arizona Diamondbacks Rumors: Should Complete Jake Peavy Trade

By David Miller
Jake Peavy
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

For all the teams mentioned as probable landing spots for Chicago White Sox star pitching Jake Peavy, the Arizona Diamondbacks haven’t been a top possibility. It was always other teams but now as the MLB trade deadline looms ever closer; it appears that suddenly the Diamondbacks are a front-runner for the Peavy deal. It might not make sense unless you look really close.

What would possibly give the DBacks the inside track on this deal is the fact that Kevin Towers is their GM. Towers was once the GM of the San Diego Padres. You guessed it, when Peavy was with the Padres he played for Towers. Considering the way Peavy has talked with the White Sox GM throughout this process, you get the idea that he likes having a hands on approach to what the GM is doing with him.

It would be an easy assumption that if more than one team is a possible landing spot for Peavy, meaning more than one team is willing to pay the price to get him, the Sox might ask Peavy for his opinion of where to play. If that is a factor at all you have to believe it would make sense for Peavy to want to play for Towers once again.

There are no guarantees on the possible deal but considering the way they shot to the top of the list for Peavy, it seems very possible that the DBacks could be the team that eventually gets him. It seems like the DBacks might have a strong enough rotation to keep pace with the Los Angeles Dodgers but with them adding depth with the signing of Brian Wilson, the DBacks making a move like this would be a really big deal.We will have to see how it turns out of course but don’t be surprised if Peavy’s next start comes for the DBacks.

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