Boston Red Sox Should Pass On Michael Young

By Aidan Kearney
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Listening to sports talk radio in the Boston area would lead you to believe that acquiring Michael Young from the Philadelphia Phillies is the key ingredient for a championship run for the Boston Red Sox.

I have no idea where this love is coming from, but for the sake of the team, I hope that it stops.

Young is 36-years old. In his prime, he was one of the best hitters in MLB. Although he was never a prototypical power hitter, he still has over 200 hits and 90 RBIs in six different seasons. Those days are long gone though, and it’s clear that Young has reached his peak. Last season on the Texas Rangers, he hit just .277 with 68 RBIs.

The Rangers gave up on Young and he moved on to the Phillies in 2013. Despite playing in a stadium that resembles a Little League field, Young has still seen his numbers continue to decline. In nearly 400 at-bats, he has just 32 RBIs, which is less than what Stephen Drew has in only 257 at-bats.

And we all know how much Red Sox fans love Stephen Drew, don’t we?

Young isn’t worth any prospect of any value. He’s not even worth cash considerations. He’s a borderline MLB player at this point and wouldn’t bring much to the table for the Red Sox. Yes, the left side of the Red Sox infield has issues that need to be resolved. Jose Iglesias has fallen off, but he’s still hitting .330. Will Middlebrooks has been a huge bust. Drew is an overpaid rental player who occasionally produces a big game.

But that doesn’t mean that Young is the answer.

When rosters expand, Xander Boegarts should be called up to the team. He can play third base or shortstop, and the 20-year-old is considered one of the top prospects in baseball. Can he be any worse than Young? In just 40 games in Pawtucket, he already has more home runs than Young did all of last season. Bring the kids up and see what they can do. Pass on Michael Young.

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