Chicago Cubs Rumors: Trade Rumors About Jeff Samardzija are Ridiculous

By David Miller
Jeff Samardzija
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Part of the job of sports journalists at this time in the Major League Baseball season is to stir up a rumor or two here or there. If the slightest whisper of a rumor gets out, someone will publish it and away the rumors go. That is well and good around the trade deadline but sometimes the rumors just get ridiculous. That is the case with the trade rumors surrounding Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija. The Cubs should be kicked out of baseball if they trade Samardzija; it’s that simple.

The fact of the matter is that they could technically be “listening” to offers on Samardzija without planning to trade him. For example the Cubs could say, “Sure, we’ll listen to your offer.” The other team would offer something for Samardzija and the Cubs would respond, “You’re crazy for asking at all. Goodbye.” There, see? They listened to an offer for Samardzija. Come on folks, surely no one really thinks the Cubs would trade this guy.

Samardzija is more than just the long-term number one guy for the Cubs starting rotation. He is also very young which means he is only making a couple of million bucks per season. He is first year arbitration eligible and not a free agent until 2016. That means the Cubs have control of his contract status until that point. Sure his salary will go up during arbitration but who the heck cares? Look what he can do for this team?

In summation Cubs fans, do not worry about a trade of Samardzija. It will not happen. If it were to I would like to start a petition right here in the comments section of this article. Sign if you agree that the Cubs should get kicked out of baseball if they trade Samardzija. Don’t worry about the results because he won’t be traded anytime soon, if ever.

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