Chicago White Sox Rumors: Alex Rios is this Year’s Justin Upton

By David Miller
Alex Rios
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

For all the buzzing about where the Chicago White Sox were going to trade Alex Rios, nothing seems to have happened. Now since he is still under contract passed this season the White Sox are rumored to be waiting until the winter to see if they can trade him then. This reminds me a little bit of the situation with Justin Upton and the Arizona Diamondbacks last season. Is it possible that Rios is this year’s version of Upton?

If that is true then all of the start and stop trade deals would have really bothered him and he won’t have a good season this year. That matches up. If we follow that into the off-season it would mean that Rios will find somewhere to be traded to and flourish for that new team next season. That would have to be a strong possibility and for that reason I wouldn’t trade him at all if I were the White Sox.

Chances are the price will still be considered too high this winter for Rios as well. They should keep him around instead of trading him for less than he would be worth after a good season that is up to his normal stat-range. Think of the frustration the Sox could feel if they trade him for cheap, he goes and performs like gang-busters next season in the final year of his contract and that team trades him for a fortune.

There is a chance that Rios could see his high price-tag as a good thing. Maybe it will become clear to him that the White Sox do not want to trade him that bad and he will have a great season for them next season. Anything could happen but the White Sox should either trade him today or not at all.

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