Chicago White Sox Rumors: Jake Peavy Scratched from Tonight's Start, Are Boston Red Sox Only Remaining Suitors?

By Marilee Gallagher
Jake Peavy
Dennis Wierzbicki – USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Chicago Cubs traded Matt Garza, teams around the league have had their eye on Jake Peavy of the crosstown rival Chicago White Sox.

With a dearth of starting pitching on this year’s trading block and contending teams always looking for help in that department, Peavy, despite a history of injury concerns, has become the most popular name that is expected to be traded before the 4:00 p.m. deadline on July 31.

Now in his fourth year with the White Sox, the 32-year-old Peavy has had a decent but not spectacular year in 2013. He is 8-4 and has a 4.28 ERA, a 1.14 WHIP and 76 strikeouts. Chicago is 9-5 in his 14 starts.

But considering the market and what would appear like Cliff Lee‘s too high asking price, Peavy is the best out there. But he may be down to just one suitor.

Prior to Tuesday morning, Peavy had cleared his belongings out of the clubhouse and seemed very ready to be traded, while all at the same time professing his respect and admiration for the White Sox organization. The proverbial final nail in the coffin came when Chicago announced that Peavy had been scratched from tonight’s start, all but assuring that a trade is imminent.

While Peavy trade talk has been the hot button for discussion as of late, at one point it did seem that the White Sox had planned to keep him. Despite their own struggles as a team, Chicago had reportedly wanted to rebuild with Peavy as the centerpiece. Even late into the trading game, it was said that the White Sox were trying to work out an extension with the right-handed starter.

All of this could have been a ploy to up Peavy’s value or as a response to his top suitor, the Oakland Athletics, reportedly removing themselves from the Peavy sweepstakes as the price was too high. Under contract through 2014, the White Sox wanted teams to pay some of Peavy’s remaining salary as well as surrender top prospects, something Oakland was not comfortable doing.

Another identified and possibly only remaining suitor has been the Boston Red Sox.

All pieces could fall in place for the team to acquire Peavy, however, once again, assuming salary and giving up top prospects is something Boston does not want to do. They are however prepared to give up one or the other, and now that they have moved on from Cliff Lee because the asking price was too high, a trade for Peavy seems the next logical move.

If Chicago is intent to move Peavy, who has said he would like to play for a contender, they might have to be willing to compromise. Boston does have one of the better farm systems in the league and at this point, eating some of Peavy’s salary in order to get those top prospects is probably the best thing the White Sox can do.

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