Los Angeles Dodgers Get it Right and Sign Brian Wilson

By Isaac Comelli
Brian Wilson
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, rumors floated abundantly of the strong interest in former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson. My fellow Rant Sports writer, Marilee Gallagher, and I wrote pieces on these rumors yesterday. I urged the Dodgers to go after Wislon while Gallagher took a different angle, pondering whether or not the Giants could prevent the Los Angeles Dodgers from signing Wilson.

Today, all those questions were answered. At 11:23 AM PST this morning, Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports tweeted the news:

Brown would go on to say that the plan is for Wilson to not report directly to the Dodgers but to start in the minors and work his way up. Wilson’s arm is a long time removed from Tommy John surgery, but his velocity is reportedly lower than it had been in the past and could still use some work. A few weeks in the minors ought to get Wilson the rehab appearances he needs to get back into baseball shape.

At 1:50 PM, Wilson tweeted this from his official account, a whole 284 days since his last tweet:

At 3:44 PM, the Dodgers tweeted this from their official account:

With Wilson joining the Dodger system, he becomes the most recent former Giant to sign with the Boys in Blue. Joining Juan Uribe and Jeff Kent who both had decent numbers with the Dodgers after being Giants, Wilson will hope to be an addition to an already sound bullpen.

Even if Wilson does not work out, the reported one-year contract he signed is a low-risk chance for the Dodgers to take. If Wilson pans out, the Dodgers made a great move and put themselves one step closer to being a real contender. If he does not pan out, the team doesn’t lose much. ‘Tis a safe and smart move by the Dodgers.

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