What Should New York Yankees Do At Third Base?

By Adam Fischer
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees still need an upgrade at third base if they want to play into October.

With Alex Rodriguez likely to be suspended (or banned for life), there will not be an in-house upgrade available, though Jayson Nix did come off of the disabled list and is starting at third tonight. Nix is more of a utility player than an everyday starter, but he was thrust into that situation before he went on the DL.

With the trade deadline coming, there are some options that the Yanks could look at.

It came out today that Michael Young of the Philadelphia Phillies would not accept a trade to the Bronx and would only go to his previous team, the Texas Rangers. That is disheartening because Young would have been the perfect fit in New York as a right-handed batter with the ability to play third and first, which would give a rest to Lyle Overbay against lefties.

Another name that has been bandied about is Alberto Callaspo of the Los Angeles Angels. Callaspo is a switch-hitter and would be an upgrade and add a bit of stability at third, which the Yanks have not had all season. Eduardo Nunez also took ground balls from third recently and could try to move to the hot corner with the return of Derek Jeter at short.

Third base is really the only major problem in the lineup now that the team is getting healthier. Curtis Granderson is also going to be back in the near future, and he should add some well-needed power to a roster that has been in flux all season. It’s still not certain that the Yanks will pull the trigger on Callaspo, but he’d be an upgrade over Nix.

Also, Nunez has struggled with changing positions in the past, always feeling the most comfortable at short. Supposedly, A-Rod’s future will be determined this week, and the trade deadline is tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET. The revolving door at third base at Yankee Stadium will then be closed.

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