Boston Red Sox Pull Off a Great Deal

By Shaun P Kernahan
Jake Peavy
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

When Ryan Braun was suspended, I wrote that it would drive up the asking price in the trade market. But Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox turned a negative into a positive and took advantage.

In a three-team trade, the Red Sox got Jake Peavy from the Chicago White Sox for three low-level prospects and sent Jose Iglesias to the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers then sent “Mini Miggy” Avisail Garcia to the White Sox.

The White Sox got what they wanted, a top prospect along with a few other guys. The best of the three prospects the Red Sox sent to Chicago is Frank Montas, who is also the most advanced (High A Salem), as well as the oldest (by three days). All three are either 19 or 20 years old and none currently project to be an everyday regular.

The top prospect the White Sox received is Avisail Garcia, who has had flashes of great things, but overall had a less-then-impressive first 53 games in the big leagues.

The Tigers get the protection they need should Jhonny Peralta be suspended in the Biogenesis nightmare. Jose Iglesias has had surprising success with the bat this year, but even when he doesn’t hit, he is a great defender in a line-up that is loaded and can afford a below average bat at a premier defensive position.

The Red Sox get the impact arm they have been looking for, and potentially another arm to keep the medical staff busy. There obviously is the caveat of health issues when it comes to Peavy, but for the relatively cheap package it took to get him, any innings turned in by Peavy will be beneficial to the Red Sox. He is the type of guy you want with the ball in his hand down the stretch run.

Trading Iglesias also opens up a roster spot on the infield. With Will Middlebrooks still struggling at AAA, the Boston Red Sox just might get a Manny Machado-like boost from top prospect Xander Bogaerts.

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