Bud Norris Will Thrive For the Baltimore Orioles

By Trevor Lowry
Bud Norris
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Norris hasn’t necessarily been the best pitcher in baseball ever since joining the Houston Astros. However, Norris will have a new place he can call home since he was traded to the Baltimore Orioles, according to USA Today Sports. With that said, Norris will thrive for the Orioles.

Houston hasn’t been the best team to play for over the last few year, unless if players like to lose. Norris going to the Orioles allows him to play for a contending team in the MLB. This is good in so many ways.

For one, Norris will have the potential to make the playoffs every year and he will have great players playing around him–something that was not the case in Houston.

It’s not like Baltimore has been a good baseball team forever, but it did make the playoffs last year and it has a very good chance to do the same this year.

Norris’ stats don’t necessarily scream Cy Young, but they are not that bad. This year he has a record of 6-9 and an ERA of 3.93, which is actually pretty solid for a pitcher pitching for a team that has a record of 35-70.

Norris is still relatively young at 28 and the righty has the talent to be great for the Orioles. Norris should make a big impact for the team right off of the bat and he very well could help push the Orioles into the playoffs this season.

So, people can expect him to thrive while playing for a contending team like Baltimore.

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