Houston Astros Made Right Move By Dealing Bud Norris

By Lee White
Bud Norris Houston Astros
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros have traded Bud Norris to the Baltimore Orioles for L.J. Hoes, Josh Hader,and a compensation draft pick in next season’s draft.

When it comes down to it, there may have been a better trade out there for the Astros if they waited until winter to trade Norris, but the truth is that he isn’t an ace. He is a decent pitcher, but nothing too special (for any rotation outside Houston’s) and he won’t be relevant when the Astros are relevant.

If the Astros chose to keep Norris to try and trade him in the winter, they risk a major drop in his value. His numbers are on a decline in his last few outings, and his career numbers aren’t that good to begin with.

Houston will be receiving the Orioles’ seventh and fifth-ranked prospects, as well as a draft pick in the upcoming draft. For Norris, a back-end starter, that is a fantastic haul for Houston. Hoes isn’t much of a power hitter, but he hits for average, and he had 25 doubles before being called up to the major league level. That would be good for second among current Astros.

Hader is left-handed power-pitcher. He is a strikeout pitcher and at 19 years of age in Class-A ball. He strikes out close to nine batters per nine innings. While his walks are up there, those will drop with age and maturity.

The Astros made the right move. They got a nice, young, major league-ready outfielder to go along with a high-ceiling left-handed pitcher … and you can’t forget about that compensation pick either. The Astros will be receiving the 33rd pick in the draft to go along with this deal. This move is brilliant for the Houston.

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