Landing Michael Young Would Have Helped Out the New York Yankees

By Trevor Lowry
Michael Young
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees might miss out on the playoffs this year. Although many people probably love the sound of that, it does not role off the tongue that easily since this team is in the playoffs on a yearly basis. With that said, landing Michael Young would have helped out New York.

Young is currently batting .282. He also has eight home runs and 34 RBI. That doesn’t really match with the term the Bronx Bombers, but he is a good player regardless.

It makes sense why Young was not traded to the Yankees, though. For one, he is 36 years old and New York is an old enough team, for the most part, as it is. However, if this team truly wants to make the playoffs, it probably should have made some kind of deal at the deadline.

With that said, New York did just acquire Alfonso Soriano.

New York currently has a record of 55-51 and sits eight games back in AL East. Injuries have been the theme for this team this season and the Yankees could certainly use a healing potion.

Who knows if this team will make the playoffs, but being at full strength–or as close to it as the Yankees can get–will be a must.

The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays are currently tearing it up at the top of the division and it does not seem possible for New York to catch them.

The Yankees have definitely seen better days, landing Young would have been good for the team and New York needs some sort of spark really fast.

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