New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Still Thinks He Is A Role Model?

By Steven Carollo
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Many reports have surfaced that MLB is getting ready to lay the hammer down on New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who many believed would be a future Hall-of-Famer before being linked to steroids and other PEDs.

Despite potentially facing a lifetime ban from the sport, Rodriguez still had the gall and audacity to call himself a role model in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Are you kidding me? What is this guy on besides PEDs?

A-Rod, you are an embarrassment to the sport, the Yankees organization and all of the teammates you have ever played with who were clean. A role model? How can you even speak those words in the position you are in?

This guy is just completely delusional on all levels and not only needs to be kicked out of baseball forever, but needs to seek some psychiatric help right away. Commissioner Bud Selig needs to come out and make an example of A-Rod. Not only does he need to be kicked out of the league, but he also needs all of his records to be buried six feet under with his tainted career.

I am just sick and tired of hearing about this clown, and I hope that he gets a lifetime ban sooner rather than later and we never have to hear the name of Alex Rodriguez again.

It is time take this once-great game of baseball back from all of the liars and cheaters, and take the corruption out of America’s pasttime.

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