Philadelphia Phillies: Can One Win Help?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies were finally able to end their eight game losing streak last night against the San Francisco Giants. They were able to defeat the Giants 7 to 3. Can this one win help the Phillies find their way to a winning streak?

The Phillies did not make up any ground in the National League East standings. They still remain 11.5 games back behind the Atlanta Braves. If the Phillies were able to find momentum it would be difficult to catch the Braves.

The Phillies are eight games back in the Wild Card Standings. The top two teams are granted spots into the playoffs. There are technically three teams ahead of the Phillies, besides the top two teams, as the Colorado Rockies are also eight games back in the standings.

The Phillies need to find their offense if they want to potentially make a run. They need to score runs consistently throughout the game. They cannot just score in one inning and not add on. That has been their problem this season. Offense is the key to getting on a win streak.

They are going to have to rely on their starting pitchers to take them deep into the game. The Phillies are also going to have to rely on their bullpen as they haven’t been as reliable as they would like.

The Giants have been struggling this season as well. They are in last place in the National League West. The Phillies could get things rolling with a potential sweep. Tonight’s game will be after the trade deadline. The players who remain in Phillies’ pinstripes will be able to concentrate more on the game because they will be remaining on the team.

Last night’s win could have meaning later this season.  This one win can hopefully give the Phillies’ hope and remind them what it feels like to be a winning team.

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