Washington Nationals Rumors: It Makes No Sense to Pad the Bench

By David Miller
Washington Nationals
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals are walking around with their heads held high and planning to buy a little at the MLB trade deadline to pad their bench of all things. Not to be the bearer of bad news guys but the Nationals are out of this pennant race whether they are in second place or not. Stranger things have happened but in the case they get back in the race it will not be because of a pad the bench type trade. They might as well make a few smart sell deals now to maximize the value of returns. But no, it looks like they will buy or do nothing. That, is nuts.

Just to look over a few technical things let’s say that the Nationals are not really on anyone’s serious threat list at this point. Their 52 wins are the lowest of any second place team in all of Major League Baseball. It has apparently escaped their attention that they are three games under .500 and 10 games out of first place. Does a little three game winning streak really mean that much to this team? How about noticing that the Atlanta Braves are on a 5-game winning streak at the same time, meaning the Nats have lost more ground over that time than they have gained.

Why in the world would the worst second place team in the big leagues make a deal to pad their bench when they could get some real return for a reliever or two that they probably won’t resign anyway? It just seems like a no sense deal to pretend that the record isn’t what it is and that they have a better chance than they do. The fact is that if there is a monumental Braves collapse, the Nats would be in the same situation they are in even with the trading of a few people. Why not do a little selling? Please Nationals, do not make a deal that will help this year. Focus instead on next year and the years after. Those are the type of deals that you need.

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