What Will it Take for San Diego Padres to Trade Chase Headley at Deadline?

By Michael Terrill
What Will it Take for San Diego Padres to Trade Chase Headley at Deadline
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The noise surrounding third baseman Chase Headley has died down quite a bit over the past couple weeks. The San Diego Padres reportedly turned down any trade discussions with the New York Yankees for Headley and even went as far as to say he is untouchable. In fact, the only way Headley will be dealt at the MLB trade deadline is if an unbelievable deal comes across the board on Wednesday. With that being said, there is no reason to believe some team will not give one last effort.

The Padres would most likely only part ways with their best player if the received one of the top prospects in the game or a deal that is simply too good to turn down. Considering Headley is only batting .234 with eight home runs and 33 RBI this season it is very unlikely a good trade offer will come through. If this were 2012, San Diego would be swimming in offers. Obviously, a year can make all of the difference.

At this point, the Padres will probably stick with their man and hope that a contract extension can get done at the end of the season. If anything, Headley’s horrible slump in 2013 will bode well for San Diego’s contract negotiations. The fact of the matter is Headley’s only outstanding offensive season occurred last year, which means the organization will have all the power during the talks.

I am sure Padres fans are thrilled to know Headley will be with the team at least through the end of the season. However, if his slumping numbers are any indication of what is in store for the future, one has to wonder if the organization would be better of trading him.

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