Can John Danks Become the Pitcher Chicago White Sox Need to Replace Jake Peavy?

By Michael Terrill
Can John Danks Become the Pitcher Chicago White Sox Need to Replace Jake Peavy
Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox have waited long enough for John Danks to turn into the starting pitcher they always expected. With Jake Peavy traded to the Boston Red Sox, it is now time for Danks to use everything he has learned from the veteran to become a top-notch pitcher who can replace Peavy on and off the mound.

It is no secret that Peavy was a quality veteran leader. His obviously got the job done on the mound, but it was his voice in the clubhouse that helped the team on so many levels.

“A lot of what Jake brings, people don’t get to see on a daily basis in terms of his mentoring of the younger pitchers and our staff, when you talk to guys including (John) Danks, who are now getting a little more senior in the league, and much less guys like (Jose) Quintana and Chris Sale,” general manager Rick Hahn said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Jake’s game preparation and approach and professionalism has had a big influence on them and is going to serve them well as they take what they learn from Jake and continue to incorporate it.”

Danks must improve his production because a 2-8 record and 4.57 earned run average is simply not going to cut it. He is getting paid a lot of money ($65 million over five years) to be a solid pitcher, something that he has not lived up to. I understand that he had to deal with shoulder issues in the offseason, but his numbers have not been very good for a few years.

The time is now for Danks to step up and take over Peavy’s role. He has been in the league for seven years, which more than qualifies him to be a mentor to the younger pitchers. All the knowledge he absorbed from Peavy must now be put into action. It is certainly a lot of pressure but Danks is getting paid the big bucks for a reason.

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