Detroit Tigers' Future Won't Wait On Jhonny Peralta

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

It’s like a movie where the rule-breaking cop is being suspended: as he is leaving in rage, the replacement is walking into the office to get his new assignment. There is a tension, an awkwardness and an acknowledgment that things have changed and there will be no more going against the rules.

No question Jhonny Peralta has handled the looming suspension with as much professionalism as you could possible have. He has continued to play well and has tried to minimize the distraction as much as possible, but there may be no way to ignore the distraction anymore. The replacement is here.

Jose Iglesias joins the team knowing he is going to be in a Detroit Tigers uniform for the next few years. It was widely thought that Peralta would be suspended before Friday or during the day, leaving an easy transition; but, the suspension was not handed down and now both will be in the lineup on Friday night against the Chicago White Sox.

It will be awkward for the announcers, it will be awkward for the fans, but the one thing it won’t be awkward for are the players. Peralta, Iglesias and the rest of the organization knows how to be professional, knows how to handle adversity and won’t let this momentary situation affect what really matters on the field.

So all fans can do is wait.

Wait for when Peralta’s suspension may take place, wait to see if he comes back after the suspension, or wait to see if tonight is his last game in a Tigers uniform. It is incredibly disappointing but the Tigers will get through it. They always do.

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