New York Yankees Rumors: Alex Rodriguez To Get Suspended This Week?

By Steven Carollo
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Why does it seem like when MLB has a job to do, they put it off at the last possible second and try to do anything to avoid confrontation? There is a reason why the NFL is light years ahead of MLB, and this is just one of those.

News broke the other day that Alex Rodriguez, the once future Hall-of-Fame third baseman for the New York Yankees, will be suspended sometime this week.  We will see about that. The good news is that the MLB Players Union has said that they won’t help cheaters, which helps with the suspending of PED users.

Even if A-Rod does get suspended this week, which I am all for, why aren’t all of the players linked to the Biogenesis reports facing some kind of suspension?

Now, at least eight other players besides Rodriguez are said to facing suspension, but those aren’t all of the names on the list.  For example, Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon will not be further punished because they have been suspended already for PEDs, even though their names are on the list again.

What kind of message does that send to the league?

I am not trying to make A-Rod, or any of the other eight, victims or anything. Whatever punishment they all get, I am all for, but it just puzzles me that baseball would come out and say this.

Their excuse is that some of the players have been suspended already. So? They can’t get suspended again? Repeat offenders anyone? Rodriguez is one of them.

Whether it’s all of this season and next season or a lifetime ban, A-Rod fully deserves what he gets; but just ask yourselves, why is Rodriguez the only one facing extreme stiff penalties while others get a pass?

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