Troy Tulowitzki Finally Tossed as Atlanta Braves Sweep the Colorado Rockies

By Jim Heath
Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Tulowitzki’s night was cut short Thursday as the Colorado Rockies mercifully finished their four-game journey through hades versus one of the NL’s best teams, the Atlanta Braves. It was neither injury nor due to a lineup change by manager Walt Weiss. Tulo was asked to leave by home plate umpire Marvin Hudson.

Ok, so maybe it was more a demand to leave and less a request. Whatever the case, it was one of very few memorable moments for the Rockies as the Braves used and abused the Blake Street crew over a period of four days. Abuse in fact to the tune of 40 runs – 40 runs in just four days.

There’s actually a part of me that is hoping the Tulowitzki ejection Thursday was not accidental. Maybe it was some predesigned plan with the purpose being the infusion of some fire in to a team that is nothing short of ice cold.

Or maybe it was simply frustration. Frustration over the whipping the Rocks took from the Braves, frustration because of his one hit in 21 at bats against the Braves this season or maybe the frustration was deeper rooted.

Maybe the frustration was because of the lack of support shown the Rockies players this season by the organization’s front offices. Who can blame him … who can blame the Rockies for their recent performance if that is the case?

A team known most of the season for their resiliency and grit seems to have simply given up. At no point during the season have they seen a stretch of such poor play. At no time during the season have they seen a stretch of starting pitching getting lit up in the way the Braves did. Just seems ironic that this stretch took place at the same time the Rockies front office made the decision to stand down at the trade deadline.

Regardless, of the reasoning – frustration or an attempt to fire up the team – the dynamic of the game didn’t change when Tulo was excused. In the end it was the same story Rockies fans are used to.

Things aren’t getting any easier for Colorado, they now travel to PNC Park to face the best team in the NL the Pittsburg Pirates.

Can’t wait – is it football season yet?

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