Chicago White Sox Television Broadcaster Ken ‘Hawk’ Harrelson Should Retire If Team Fails To Win 60 Games

By Frank Gogola
Jonathan Lurie – Wikimedia Commons

You either love or hate Chicago White Sox television broadcaster Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, there is no middle ground.

On one hand, Harrelson is known for his extreme, undying, passionate love for the White Sox. On the other hand, he is known for his somewhat-strange-but-unique one liners, egomaniacal rants, on-air beratings of umpires and most recently, giving the silent treatment during broadcasts when things are not going Chicago’s way.

But one of Harrelson’s favorite sayings/common beliefs – right behind how great a player Carl “Yaz” Yastrzemski was – is that every MLB team should finish with a record between 60-102 and 102-60. “You’re gonna win 60 [games], you’re gonna lose 60 [games]; it’s what you do with the other 42 [games] that matters,” says Harrelson nearly every game.

Turning 72 years old on Sep. 4, Harrelson is getting up there in age, and this season’s White Sox team may be actually making him – and the fans – age faster than nature intended with just how appalling, atrocious and downright depressing their play has been. Following Friday night’s loss to the Detroit Tigers, Chicago fell to 40-67 on the season.

The White Sox are on an eight-game losing streak, have lost 11 of their last 12 games and are on pace, mathematically, to finish this season with 60.56 victories. If they do finish 60-102 (.370) – sorry, I can’t give them that half game based on what I have seen this season – it will be their worst season since 1970, when they went 56-106 (.346) and Harrelson was 28 years old, playing for the Cleveland Indians.

With that said, if the White Sox fail to win 60 games this season, something that, according to Harrelson, should never happen, he should take it as a sign that it is his time to retire from the game of baseball.

Frank Gogola is a sports editor intern for Follow him on Twitter @FrankGogola.

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