Who Do Cincinnati Reds Send Down When Ryan Ludwick Returns?

By Coop Ledford
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds left fielder Ryan Ludwick is currently on a rehab assignment in Triple-A Louisville. Ludwick was placed on the DL on Opening Day after suffering a shoulder injury and has not returned since; however, he is expected to return to the Reds later this month.

Ever since Ludwick got hurt, the Reds have used a variety of left fielders regularly, including Chris Heisey, Xavier Paul and Derrick Robinson. Once Ludwick returns from his rehab assignment, the Reds will likely send one of their left fielders to Triple-A.

Heisey is hitting .218, has five home runs and 13 RBIs. His stats are far from great, but you have to remember he’s only played in 49 games this season. With such a small sample size, it’s hard to tell what he’s capable of (or not).

Paul has played in 77 games. He has a .240 batting average, six homers and has knocked in 28 runs. His stats aren’t great, but they are still very solid. When he doesn’t start the game, he is a great guy to pinch-hit late, and he has a few big hits this season.

Robinson has played in 61 games this season. He is hitting .260, does not have a home run and has seven RBIs. Don’t let the stats fool you: he is still a great hitter, but just not a power hitter. He is the best bunter on the team and without a doubt the fastest guy as well.

After looking at stats, you would have to think Robinson would be sent down, despite the fact that he has the best average of the three and is the fastest player. The Reds are looking for offense instead of speed right now, and they will likely send down Robinson once Ludwick returns.

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