Jake Peavy Looks Good In Debut As Member Of The Boston Red Sox

By Shaun P Kernahan
Jake Peavy
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Peavy made his Boston Red Sox debut on Saturday at Fenway Park, and he is just what the Red Sox had hoped for.  There is little doubt the price the Red Sox paid to acquire Peavy was a bargain, but if he continues to pitch the way he did Saturday, it would make the trade downright robbery by the Red Sox.

Peavy’s final line was seven innings, two earned runs on four hits and two walks with seven strikeouts.  The Red Sox needed starting pitching help and it looks like Peavy can be that help.

There is no way to quantify it, but Peavy is a gamer and tends to step up in the biggest moments, so it is no surprise that he excelled in his Red Sox debut.  So long as Peavy can stay healthy, he is the type of guy who will eat up seven or eight innings every time out.  If he does that, even if he doesn’t pitch all that great in those starts, he will be a great asset for the Sox.  Going those seven or eight innings means the bullpen can get a nights rest, and be used for extra innings the night before and night after a Peavy start.

The fact he is a guy that eats innings, means he can, in essence affect three games a week rather than just one.  Peavy has also pitched in plenty of big games, added to a rotation that includes Jon Lester, Clay Buchholtz, John Lackey, and Ryan Dempster, the Red Sox certainly are not short on experienced starters to take the hill down the stretch.

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