Minnesota Twins’ Walk-up Song Redux: Trevor Plouffe

By Brian Wille
Trevor Plouffe- Minnesota Twins
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As one of the more polarizing players on the Minnesota Twins, Trevor Plouffe has seen his fair share of ups and downs during his brief big-league career. The former shortstop, turned outfielder, turned back into an infielder has bounced around quite a bit in an attempt to find an everyday position that he can play without becoming a hindrance to the team, but all of the moving and shuffling was done for a purpose: to get his bat into the lineup. While he may not be your prototypical hitter that hits for average, he does possess a solid power stroke that few players, currently on the Twins, possess. With all that being said, Plouffe still hasn’t done enough to cement himself as a regular in the Twins’ lineup for the future or even at third base due to a mega-prospect by the name of Miguel Sano waiting in the wings. For now, however, Plouffe remains a constant in the Twins’ lineup with the hopes of becoming a solidified regular by season’s end.

As the third installment in the Twins’ walk-up song redux, I’ve decided to look at Plouffe who—out of the remaining players on the Twins’ roster that seems to be in constant flux—has one of the greatest likelihoods of playing into the team’s long-term plans. In this redux series, I take the player’s original walk-up song and give three alternatives that might better suit the player more than their current walk-up song and since the walk-up song has become a great identifier and personality identifier in the game of baseball, I figured I better align the player’s with the song that I feel is most appropriate for them.

Currently, Plouffe’s walk-up song is “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin and while that is a very solid choice, it fails in comparison to the three alternatives that I will now unveil.

The first option for Plouffe’s new walk-up song is Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”. Beings that Plouffe has spent time at multiple positions, before finally settling in at third base, this song option has some legitimacy to it and would be a great hit that fans could identify with. The song would also accurately represent Plouffe’s production and consistency levels because they have certainly never been consistent and have been everywhere from really good to really bad.

The second option for Plouffe’s walk-up song is Billy Ray Cyrus’ “These Boots are Made for Walking”. The reason I have chosen this as an option is not because Plouffe generates a ton of walks, it’s because of the numerous errors –or boots—that Plouffe commits on a yearly/gamely basis. Whether it is not charging a ball, letting a short-hop eat him up or giving a bad throw to the first baseman, Plouffe’s defense certainly is sub-par; but the sad thing is, it’s probably his best position so far at the majors. All Plouffe needs to remember is, just like the lyrics in the song, “One of these days these boots are gonna’ walk all over you.” Translation: if you can’t field your position, you aren’t going to have staying power.

The final option for Plouffe’s new walk-up is “Clumsy” by Fergie which plays on Plouffe’s poor fielding ability and his approach at the plate which, at times, can be clumsy due to this inability to put the ball in play consistently. While I have been giving Plouffe a hard time on his fielding ability, I must say that he has improved tremendously since he first came in the league; but at the end of the day, I think Plouffe’s best chance at carving out a role on this team—and in this league—will either come as a designated hitter or a first baseman.

Those are my three options that I have come up with for a new walk-up song for Plouffe. If you have any other ideas that better fit Plouffe, feel free to leave a comment and express your thoughts!


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