Alex Rodriguez Suspended From MLB, But He Still Isn't Going Away

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the news many baseball fans have eagerly been awaiting – Alex Rodriguez has been suspended from MLB.

After weeks of speculation and back-and-forth between Rodriguez, the New York Yankees and the league, it’s official. Rodriguez will be banned for the rest of this season and all of next. He won’t be receiving his normal paychecks throughout the suspension, which will cost the former slugger more than $30 million dollars. But the kicker in all of this is that Rodriguez will be allowed to continue playing while he appeals his suspension.

It’s that last part that’s going to keep people upset. Because for as long as we’ve been expecting this suspension, it was thought that A-Rod would not be allowed to play during his banishment. At one point, it seemed like MLB going was going to ban him for life and just be done with it. But something changed. What exactly that might be, is still unclear at this point.

So as strange as it seems, A-Rod will indeed be in the lineup tonight and take the field for the Yankees once again. How long this stint lasts? Is anyone’s guess. The odds are pretty good that he’ll land back on the DL before the appeals process runs its course, but you never know.

As of right now, A-Rod is not going away. He also says wants to play another five years. So minus the year and half he’ll eventually end up giving back to game, it sounds like he might play another three seasons. I think it’s just wishful thinking on Rodriguez’s part, but I give him credit for staying motivated to return. However, the ugly truth is that he’s one of the few people that actually wants his return to happen.


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