Biogenesis Suspensions Could Be Huge Turning Point in MLB's PED Battle

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

August 5th, 2013 will be a day that goes down in MLB history. It’s of course the day that 13 PED suspensions were handed out. With substantial evidence linking all the now suspended players to Biogenesis, 12 of the 13 accepted the league’s punishment without appealing. Of course, Alex Rodriguez was the one guy not to play ball.

Some will view this day as a bad day in MLB history, but I feel that 8/5/13 will go down as one of the better days. It finally feels different this time on the players’ side. The one’s who haven’t been cheating (the vast majority) are getting fed up with PED users putting a dark cloud over their game. It’s certainly not a great thing that several high profile players were linked to banned substances, but at least we know they’ve been punished and hopefully have learned a lesson.

Having a figure like A-Rod at the center of whole ordeal is also something that will lead to 8/5/13 being a turning point for MLB. They finally had him in a corner after years of deception and lies and there was no other choice but to bring the hammer down. From A-Roid’s point of view, he probably does feel singled out with his year and a half ban. On the other hand, MLB was wise to make an example of the biggest name in this scandal.

It’s now been made very clear by MLB – if you use PEDs, you will get caught and you will pay.

You can never deter every single person from breaking the rules, but I believe these latest suspensions will go along way towards discouraging PED use. Many people also believe that the players will now vote to increase the punishment for these violations. If they start taking away paychecks and threaten to boot people out of the game for years at a time, the cheaters will likely straighten up and fly right from here on out.


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