Jordany Valdespin PED Suspension One More Reason For New York Mets To Release Him

By Bryan Zarpentine
The Star-Ledger – USATODAY Sports

As MLB starts to hand out suspensions (or agreements, as they prefer to call them) for players linked to Biogenesis, one of the players being given a 50-game absence that we didn’t know about beforehand is New York Mets utility player Jordany Valdespin, who was recently demoted to triple-A Las Vegas.

Valdespin’s connection to Biogenesis and PEDs is just one more reason why the Mets need to cut ties with him once and for all. I’ve already given five good reasons why the Mets should release Valdespin, but he just keeps creating more reasons why he should no longer be a part of the Mets’ organization.

Soon after being demoted to triple-A, Valdespin spent too much time admiring a home run he hit, which prompted the opposing team to purposely hit him in his next plate appearance. Las Vegas teammate Armando Rodriguez was kind enough to protect Valdespin, who didn’t deserve it, by hitting a batter in retaliation, prompting the benches to clear.

Ultimately Valdespin, Rodriguez and Las Vegas manager Wally Backman were all suspended.

After playing one game since returning from that suspension, Valdespin is now facing another one. Only this suspension will essentially end his 2013 season, much like it did for Mets prospect Cesar Puello, who will also have his season brought to an abrupt end by a suspension stemming from the same scandal.

Due to his antics both on and off the field and the insubordination that Valdespin has shown throughout his time in the Mets’ organization, there was talk that he would not be given a September call-up despite catching fire after his demotion to Las Vegas. Now, there is no chance of him coming back to the big leagues in September.

It’s finally time for the Mets to go one step further and permanently cut ties with Valdespin. He hasn’t been helpful on the field this season as he hit below .200 during his time in the majors, and he failed to take advantage of an opportunity to play every day. Off the field, he has continued his propensity for causing headaches and being more trouble than he’s worth.

If there’s any silver lining that can come out of this suspension, it would be the Mets turning Valdespin’s 50-game absence into a permanent absence. Valdespin keeps giving the Mets reasons to let him go. At some point, they need to take one, and now is the time.


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