Kansas City Royals Players Happy about PED Suspensions

By David Miller
James Shields
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With the twelve players that were suspended for 50 games and the huge suspension of Alex Rodriguez, the rest of MLB had time to decide how to react to the news of PED suspensions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I am partial to the way the Kansas City Royals look at it. They were not glad that the players were suspended necessarily but very glad that MLB did something in order to help the game move forward at last.

I don’t think I have ever seen players so irritated at the other players but this time things are different. You get the sense that even the players that were suspended are ready for this mess to be behind them now. In an interview on MLB.com James Shields said that he was just glad it was over. Basically the Royals seem to believe what I do. The players that were guilty and had not already been suspended for the PED use deserve to be punished and hopefully everyone can help baseball leave this behind and move forward.

The idea that the MLB commissioner and these suspensions are to be thanked for ending this PED trend is not fully true. I don’t believe players would stop across the board just because they could get caught and suspended for 50 games. What will make the difference across the entire MLB players association is that the players themselves are tired of this leaving a stain on their way of life. Because of that, not Bud Selig, this will be the last large set of suspensions that we are likely to see in MLB over PEDs.

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