New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Should Get His Chance To Play Tonight

By Gavin Ewbank
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

At any given moment, MLB is expected to announce suspensions on Alex Rodriguez and about 12 other major league players for their ties to the Biogenesis clinic in South Miami. Of course, the big question in all of this is whether A-Rod will be eligible to play during his expected appeal.

If MLB suspends A-Rod under the Joint Drug Agreement rather than under the CBA, which is what he’s expected to be suspended under, A-Rod will be on the field on Monday night in Chicago. This will easily be the most excited I’ve been all season to watch a New York Yankees game.

I can’t wait to see A-Rod step in the box for the first time. When his name is posted on the lineup card and he steps on the field, it’ll be his time. It’ll be his time to prove the doubters wrong; it’ll be his time to show everyone that he’s still got it, and it’ll be his time to do something on the baseball field that’ll take peoples’ minds off the suspension – though no one will ever forget that.

It will be extremely interesting to see what A-Rod does in his first at-bat tonight. I think it’ll be absolutely awesome if he were to take a first pitch fastball deep into U.S. Cellular Field seats off Chicago White Sox lefty Jose Quintana.

Tonight, it won’t be about the money, the upcoming suspension, or anything else that’s happened between A-Rod and the Yankees over the past couple of months. Tonight will be strictly about playing baseball, and Alex Rodriguez is getting a chance to show us that he can still play – the way it should be.

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