Why Did Matt Garza Get Off So Easy for Remarks?

By Karl Buscheck
Matt Garza
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Riley Cooper is deservedly the least popular man in the NFL. The receiver has been banished from the Philadelphia Eagles training camp, and may very well never play in the league again.

After the vitriol he spewed, it’s hard to feel bad for the guy. So, perhaps there’s no sense in comparing the ugliness of the comments. But I can’t help but wonder how Matt Garza of the Texas Rangers, who recently revealed himself to be a fiery misogynist via an ill-advised Twitter-rampage against a pregnant woman none the less, gets off so easy.

Garza’s tweets were not racist, but they were wildly offensive and comically ungrammatical.


It’s good that Garza has at least apologized for his comments. However, it does seem odd that he joked about the situation in the clubhouse after the game only to launch into his Twitter-tirade shortly after that. So, perhaps the apology was nothing but an effort by the Rangers’ front office to try and undo some of the fallout from the outspoken right-hander’s regrettable actions and comments.

Maybe Garza got off with relative ease because of the particular demographic he offended. Cooper burned an entire race, which happens to feature prominently in the NFL.

Garza on the other hand, blasted women, who are not well-represented in the clubhouse, or really in baseball in general. As Garza himself tweeted, it’s a “mans [sic] game.” Their absence from the game, however, makes Garza’s comments no less ugly.

Arguably, women’s lack of representation makes it all the more urgent that MLB commissioner Bud Selig and the league step in to cut out this kind of nonsense.

Eric Sogard of the Oakland Athletics was incredibly gracious throughout the entire situation. The 27-year-old infielder commented that he and his wife, Kaycee, had treated Garza’s comments as a joke. However, Sogard did point out that he was surprised by how much the situation had escalated.

The Rangers, and the league should be surprised, and a bit concerned, as well. The tall right-hander, who has yet to be disciplined, absolutely needs to be fined. Regrettably, that might be the only way to, in the word’s of Garza “shut his trap.”

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