San Francisco Giants: A Defensive Change Could Provide Glimpse Into Next Year

By Chris Berry
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

With the San Francisco Giants seemingly out of playoff contention, now is the time to see what the team has for the future. Although the Giants are doing this, I believe there is a better way for them to gauge some of these players on an everyday basis. That change will have to be in the outfield and would be the following.

The Giants should move Hunter Pence from right field to center field. He came up with the Houston Astros playing this position, and I believe he would have no problem making this change as he has already shown by mastering playing right field in difficult AT&T Park. This will leave right and left field open for two players the Giants want to take a look at and see if they can be everyday MLB players. They can put Brett Pill in left field, rather than have him split time with Brandon Belt at first base. Pill has supposedly been working out in left and this could give him the everyday reps he will need to see if he can be that player (a left fielder) the Giants so desperately need. It will also give him time to refine his defensive skills if he is out there day in and day out, rather than switching him back and forth between left and first base. Pill has a decent amount of at bats in the majors, so it’s more about finding out what he can do on defense that the Giants should be looking at.

In right field, the Giants should start Roger Kieschnick. Kieschnick is an outfielder already, but the team has been playing him in left with Pence in right. This move, like the same for Pill, will give Kieschnick (as well as the Giants) time to work on playing the most difficult position in AT&T Park. It will also give him more at bats versus major league pitching, letting the Giants have a look at how he handles the bat as well. It has been glaringly obvious that neither Gregor Blanco nor Andres Torres is the solution, or future, for the Giants in the outfield. The team has plenty of time to do this and like I’ve said before, they aren’t going anywhere this year. Making this move will give them a glimpse at what might be possible for next year.

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