Robin Ventura Deserves another Chance with Chicago White Sox in 2014

By David Miller
Robin Ventura
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Recently it came out that the Chicago White Sox management is solidly behind manager Robin Ventura. That is a good thing for the White Sox because the problems of this season cannot be solely blamed on their manager. As a matter of fact it seems interesting to me that a losing season is ever blamed on the guy sitting in the dugout making the calls. He makes the calls but the millionaires on the field have to execute to make things happen. Ventura has proven in the past to be a good manager with a solid ability to lead a team. This year should not be saddled with him by the owner, GM or the fans.

It was just last season that the White Sox finished eight games over .500 and Ventura was third in Manager of the Year voting. That was his rookie season as a manager and for certain things are not going to be smooth every season. Unfortunately many people around baseball find it very easy to blame team problems on the manager, especially if he is new at the job. Just because Ventura has a couple of years at this instead of several, it doesn’t mean he stinks at it.

As a matter of fact, the move by Ventura to bench Alex Rios for lack of hustle in a game recently displays that he is very capable of leading. That was a tough choice that was respected by Rios and the rest of the roster. It doesn’t get any better than that as far as a leader goes. Whether or not the players execute on the field is a completely different story. There have been changes on the field and will probably be more before next season. Chances are it will be a much improved year and within two years, most will forget Ventura ever was blamed for anything. Kudos to the men in charge for sticking with him publicly.

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