Wilmer Flores' Promotion A Silver Lining to David Wright's Injury For New York Mets

By Bryan Zarpentine
Wilmer Flores
Jerome Miron – USATODAY Sports

Reports are indicating that the New York Mets will finally be promoting Wilmer Flores, one of their top prospects among position players, to the big leagues, and he could make his MLB debut as soon as tonight against the Colorado Rockies.

It’s been quite a while since it became obvious that Flores was ready to make his big league debut, but now the devastating injury to Mets third baseman David Wright has opened the door to Flores being promoted. The Mets didn’t immediately promote Flores, as they tried to get through the weekend with Justin Turner and Josh Satin stepping up in Wright’s absence. But it appears the Mets are finally making the move they should have made in the first place.

Although he has played primarily second base for triple-A Las Vegas this season, Flores has played third base in previous years, but was moved in part because Wright was signed to a long-term contract during the offseason; hence blocking Flores from playing there with the Mets.

Assuming the Mets have brought up Flores to play third base while Wright is out, third base is actually a good fit for him, as it is more about quick reactions, which he has, than it is about foot speed and quickness, which he doesn’t. Third base will also require a strong arm, which is another tool that Flores has and will now be able to utilize.

Supplanting Flores in Wright’s position and spot in the lineup makes the most sense. Wright is obviously an impact player for the Mets, and with all due respect to Turner and Satin, they are not. Flores has the potential to be an impact bat in the middle of a major league lineup, and so the only way the Mets can hope to replace Wright while he’s on the DL is to put another impact bat in the lineup.

Flores’ future, if his future is with the Mets, isn’t going to be at third base, but with the Wright injury, there’s no reason for the Mets not to take advantage of the opportunity to bring Flores to the big leagues and see how he fairs. When Wright is back, the Mets will have a decision to make regarding Flores. But for now, the Mets and their fans should just sit back and enjoy watching Flores make his MLB debut tonight, because it’s been a long time coming, and it’s one more step towards the Mets’ future.


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