Atlanta Braves’ Win Streak Will Come To An End On Wednesday

Atlanta Braves

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The Miami Heat, as we all know, had their 27-game winning streak during the NBA season, coming close to breaking the all-time record of 33 by the Los Angeles Lakers. The Atlanta Braves haven’t quite gotten to that point yet, but they’re getting close as they now have 12 wins consecutively, and are looking to make it a lucky 13 on Wednesday against the Washington Nationals.

Some don’t like the idea of peaking too early in the season, and have the “save the best for last” mentality.

It’s not like the Braves are in any danger of missing the playoffs with a 14.5-game lead in the division over the Nationals. After this win streak comes to an end (assuming it actually will), they could use the resting method and give a player the night off, then take turns resting players so that they will be 100 percent by the time the playoffs come around.

As of right now, the Atlanta Braves want to do everything possible in order to keep this win streak going, and so do the fans. In pursuit of another win, the Braves will send Kris Medlen to the mound to go up against ace Jordan Zimmermann, who has a 13-6 record with a 3.06 ERA.

Atlanta doesn’t have an easy matchup in this one, but hey, they have won 12 in a row, making it easy to predict another win. However, I say the streak comes to an end, and Zimmermann will have a dominant performance, propelling the Nationals to a win ending the Braves’ win streak.

Put down your pitchforks Braves fans, calm down and look at the NL East standings — your team will be perfectly fine.

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    This is easily the dumbest article I’ve read today. Who gives a phukk what you think? This is just a glorified facebook post or tweet. Lame.

  • Pont

    Give the author credit, Zimmermann pitched well enough. Of course, it didn’t matter because the Braves keep on rolling, facing good pitching or bad.

  • Wes Guptill

    So much for the prognostication… The Braves are a solid team and
    the Nats just aren’t there this year. And Zimmerman cashed it in much
    earlier than Medlen, which just shows what the Braves have done well
    this year: out-pitched the opposition. But as a die-hard fan whose
    admiration goes all the way back to the days of Big-Head Bob and
    Hammerin’ Hank, and all of those ‘My-lanta Braves’ series appearances, I
    know all too well how the wheels can fall off in the post-season.
    Still, some folks, like the writer should can the yakking when it makes
    him look like the neo-proverbial “hater.” Of course, some people may
    just be mad that the Yankees and other perennial big-salary teams are
    not even close to life-support status…

    Ain’t karma a beautiful thing? Huh, A-Rod?