Letting Robinson Cano Walk Could Drown New York Yankees

By Gavin Ewbank

Take a look at the New York Yankees‘ everyday lineup: it’s aging, costs a lot of money for not very much production, and most of all, there isn’t nearly as much star-power as there was a few years ago. Now, take Robinson Cano out of the lineup, and you’ve got an absolute disaster — a lineup not worth watching.

That’s the risk the Yankees would be taking if Cano isn’t a Yankee next season.

Without question, Cano is the best player on the Yankees. Regardless of the concerns people have with him like not hustling out of the box, and failing to give max effort 100 percent of the time, he’s still the only thing standing between the Yankees being watchable and tough to watch.

The Yankees claim to be cutting payroll and don’t want to run into another disaster of a contract like the one they gave to Alex Rodriguez, and emerging disasters like the ones they gave C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira.

Cano has said that he’s not willing to take a hometown discount in order to stay in New York, and the Yankees don’t want to give the unimaginable amount of cash that the second baseman will cost, as that will stop them from reaching their goal of getting their payroll under $189 million by 2014.

Although, the Yankees know one thing more than anything things else: without Cano, they are in some serious trouble and wouldn’t be a team worth watching.

The Yankees have absolutely nothing coming up in the system. There isn’t the next Derek Jeter or Cano sitting down in the minors, waiting for their call to the majors.

Without Cano, the Yankees are nothing but old All-Stars who have been out of the spotlight for years. Jeter is coming to the end of his career and can’t stay on the field for more than a couple of days. A-Rod’s days in baseball might just be over after this season. And Teixeira is coming off wrist surgery – who knows how that will affect him.

Already, just a week into August, there’s a ton of questions swirling around the Yanks’ opening day lineup for next season,on top of the problems they’re dealing with this year. Take Cano out of the lineup, and the Yankees are nothing but a last-place team, with a lineup that’ll prove nothing.

The Yankees are already in trouble for the next couple of years, and letting go of Robinson Cano will only put them into a debt that’ll take countless years to climb out of.

Gavin Ewbank is a Yankees writer for RantSports.com. Follow @GavinEwbank2013 on Twitter for more Yankees talk.

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