Philadelphia Phillies: Is Renewing Chase Utley’s Contract a Risk?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies made the decision last night to extend Chase Utley’s contract. The deal is a two year extension. It is allegedly worth $27 million. Utley is a fan favorite. However, was resigning him risky?

The Phillies have many veterans on the roster this season. They have not been performing up to standards as they are 18 games out of first place. The Phillies have said they were planning to rebuild and give their rookies experience.

Utley is going to be 35 next season. That is certainly not a rookie age. The rest of the diamond is filled with veterans as well, including Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins who has said he is not going anywhere.

By the time Utley’s extension is over he will be 37. He may think he can play that long, but he has a history of injuries. His injuries have been to his knees which are crucial to play baseball. Utley had missed time in 2011 and 2012 because of the issue. It is an issue that cannot really be controlled and do not know when it will cause concern again.

Utley is great offensively, though. This season he is hitting .277. In 311 at bats he has 36 extra base hits, 15 of those are home runs. Utley has also contributed 43 RBI, which is the second highest on the team. Utley has been with the team his whole career since 2003. He has become one of the faces of the franchise.

Signing Utley could go either way. He could continue to contribute to the team or he could end up back on the disabled list. With Utley’s injury, you never know what is going to happen. Hopefully, the Phillies do not regret this decision.

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