It is Time for Baltimore Orioles to Focus Solely on Wildcard

Chris Davis

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No one has to be told how great of a season Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis is having but everything with the powerful offensive team isn’t as great as Davis’ season has been. It looked for a while like they might be the closest challengers for the American League East but it has turned out not to be that way at all. They are still in the division fight but their focus should solely be on the American League Wildcard race instead of the distant division title now.

Everyone wants to win the division but there comes a time when a team has to realize at least to themselves that they are no longer fighting for the division. In the National League everything is nice and stretched out but that is not the case in the American League. Currently the Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays are in those spots with the Orioles, Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians and even a distant New York Yankees all in the hunt. For sure the Orioles would like to be able to say they are focusing on the division and what happens in the wildcard race is secondary. That’s just something that sounds nice in the media.

The fact of the matter is that they are having to focus on the wildcard now and if they do not they might miss out on everything. It isn’t like they are a certainty for the position. Currently they are 2.5 out of the first wildcard and 2.0 out of the second spot. There is plenty of time for that kind of room to be made up but the other teams are in good position as well. Basically the Orioles have quite a fight ahead of them just to make the wildcard round. They should do themselves a favor, focus on that and forget about the division race. It’s all but gone.

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  • beaver_lions

    Dude why don’t the Orioles just focus on winning. Plus Boston is 5-5 in their last ten games. Anything can happen, as a team they shouldn’t drop focus on the top spot. They should play with the goal of winning the division. You never aim for second best especially in sports where injuries and other events happen. Sorry but I really think this whole thought about forgetting the division lead is bogus.

  • Joe Wehberg

    The whole premise of this article is ludicrous! ” It is Time
    for Baltimore Orioles to Focus Solely on Wildcard”. I can hear Buck in the clubhouse now….
    “Okay, guys we’re 4-1/2 games back with 7 weeks to go, let’s not overreach and try to
    win the division. Let’s just concentrate on being second best!”
    How do you concentrate on winning only the Wildcard?

    The Orioles are one game better than they were at this time last year. Why in the hell would you even make such a ridiculous statement?