The Slumps Mean Nothing to Who Miami Marlins have in Giancarlo Stanton

By David Miller
Giancarlo Stanton
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

If you hear most everything that is said about the Miami Marlins, chances are you hear a great deal about outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. For a couple of years now there have been trade rumors all over this young talent and this year was no different. Even now after the non-waiver trade deadline people are talking about what the Marlins might do with Stanton in the off-season. Then they wonder why the kid is going through a slump and seems distracted at times.

News flash folks, sometimes MLB players are distracted by trade rumors and the treatment they receive around that time. If you don’t believe me just pay attention to what Alex Rios has done and is about to do as a new member of the Texas Rangers. This is the same guy that was benched for not trying a few weeks ago by the Chicago White Sox, right? Wrong; he is himself because he doesn’t have to deal with constant rumors.

As good as Stanton is for the Marlins, he is still fairly young as well. It is difficult to remember that at times like this these guys might be very distracted by trade rumors they hear within their own organization and elsewhere. I guarantee you the .108 average and 2 RBI over his last ten games is a temporary situation for Stanton. The Marlins need to get their junk straight and help him understand that he will not be traded so that he feels more comfortable. Basically if they are not going to do more to quiet the rumors, they do not get to complain about his occasional slumps. The man is human after all.

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