Philadelphia Phillies: Is There Room For Freddy Galvis?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies are known to be an older team. With the end of the season coming up and the team having no chance of making the playoffs they have decided to bring up some of their younger players now, one player being third baseman Cody Ashe. The front office has also decided to extend Chase Utley’s contract, and this leaves the question is there room for Freddy Galvis?

Galvis is only 23 years old. He has many years ahead of him and is a fine athlete. He has filled in for Utley and Jimmy Rollins before due to him being a quality fielder and having good speed. However, with Rollins wanting to stay in a Phillies’ uniform and Utley not going anywhere, Galvis doesn’t have a position to play.

Galvis should have a chance to play. He may not be a power hitter such as Utley, but he is able to get on base. In 2012 Galvis was able to get 43 hits in 190 at bats. He also had 24 RBI along with three home runs. This season he only has 40 less at bats than last year. He has 14 RBI along with four home runs with an average of .207. If he had gotten more at bats it would be higher, but he was sent down to the minor leagues for a period of time.

Galvis has been said to be the future second baseman of the Phillies. If he is going to be a future player he needs to continue getting experience in the Major leagues or he will go cold. Galvis is going to continue to grow and improve, and the Phillies should give him a chance.

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