Paul Konerko Would Be Perfect Fit for New York Yankees

By Adam Fischer
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees should take a shot at claiming Paul Konerko. Konerko was just put on waivers by the Chicago White Sox and could be picked up as soon as tomorrow. He is owed about $3.25 million and could be a good complement to Lyle Overbay as Konerko is a right-handed hitter and Overbay is a lefty who struggles against left-handed pitching.

Konerko is not having a productive season as is the usual for his career, posting a stat line of .243/.306/.359 with nine home runs in 87 games played. But a change of scenery is always good for a veteran player who is on a really bad team — think Ichiro Suzuki coming to the Yankees last year.

Konerko might not be having a great season, but he is actually crushing lefties, just what the Yanks could use him for. He’s batting .333 with a .990 OPS and four of his total nine home runs against left-handed pitching in 78 plate appearances. As I previously stated, this is why he would be a perfect fit for the Yanks. Overbay has been solid against righties but is batting .200 against left-handed pitching with only one of his 13 total homers off them.

As Konerko is in the twilight of his career, he, as would any player in his situation, would love to play for a contender. The Yankees are a bit of a stretch to being called a team in contention, but they are still in the running and he could be rejuvenated if he came to the Bronx. A little more intensity and playing a competitive game every day could be just what Konerko needs to get that fire back in his game, and it is obvious that the Yanks could use him at first base when they face a left-handed starter.

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