Washington Nationals Rumors: Adam LaRoche Should be Sent Elsewhere

Adam LaRoche Washington Nationals

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When I saw that Adam LaRoche pulled in 33 homers and 100 RBI last season I have to admit that I was more than a little surprised. LaRoche has always been a good to very good defensive first baseman but other than timely hits here and there he isn’t a standard-issue power hitting first baseman in my opinion. Into that discussion comes rumors that the Washington Nationals might want to trade LaRoche and move Ryan Zimmerman over to first base. That would be a very good decision.

Nothing against Laroche because I love the guy but he just isn’t going to put up those type of numbers every year. Is more than solid and for a team that does not need their first baseman to provide 35 plus homers and over 100 RBI, he would be ideal. For the run-starved Nationals however, Zimmerman would be a much better choice for first base as long as he can consistently provide good defense from that side of the diamond.

The Nats would have to move things around but in the end the move of Zimm to first would probably provide quite a bit more run scoring power to the first base side of the diamond and the move would also rid the Nats of Zimmerman’s greatly reduced arm strength at third base which is actually becoming a liability over time. His bat is too important so the Nats have to find somewhere to put him. First base makes the most sense. Unfortunately, given this situation, LaRoche would be seen rightly as quite expendable.

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  • TheSheriff

    I would love to find a sucker to take LaRoche off our hands for a half decent prospect

    • David Miller Rant

      I agree. I really was surprised when they re-signed him. I think a move would greatly improve the team.

  • Half Street Heart

    This post is an example of one of the the anoying false naritives about he Nats season last year. You shouldn’t be surprised by his production last year. Those numbers were well within his career numbers. The LaRoche we saw last year was his normal production with first the Braves, Pirates, and then Diamondbacks. Look at this career stats. This season is the one you should be surprised with. LaRoche had a good year last year, but it wasn’t his career year. Moving Zimmerman to 1st only works if there is someone to plug into 2nd base, assuming Rendon moves to 3rd.