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5 Detroit Tigers Who Shouldn’t Be On The Team

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5 Detroit Tigers Who Shouldn't Be Detroit Tigers

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Everyone knows Jhonny Peralta will be leaving the club after this year but there are five other Detroit Tigers who should be getting acquainted with the door as well in the offseason. The Tigers have a very solid team but it still has holes and it still has players on the roster that really shouldn't be on this team anymore.

When thinking of players who shouldn't be on the roster anymore, I had obvious choices and not so obvious choices. I also had to consider future moves that will make players obsolete like the eventual call up of Nick Castellanos. I also carefully examined each person on the field maintenance team as well as the effectiveness of each ball boy employed by the organization. Okay I made that part up. Breakups are never easy but it's time the Tigers finally get serious about cleaning up their roster.

The main key of making these decisions is not that a team can't survive with having a few bad players on their roster but that too many are getting consistent playing time, which can be hazardous to any team's playoff aspirations. Some players like Don Kelly may not be flashy but don't make the list because of his value he brings both defensively and with the bat in stretches.

So without further ado, here are the five Detroit Tigers who should be finding new places of employment. See if you agree with the players I chose and feel free to discuss any you may disagree with. In a perfect world, you could keep everyone. But it's time for the Tigers to make a full commitment to excellence.

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#5 Al Alburquerque

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Al Alburquerque has lost his effectiveness and really can't be counted on any longer in the backend of the bullpen. Plus, his name is really hard to spell enraging me more when I want to rant about him.

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#4 Andy Dirks

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Nothing against Andy Dirks, but the platoon needs to be ended and the Tigers need to make a full commitment to a veteran or Nick Castellanos. He is below average both in the field and on offense, so he needs to go.

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#3 Matt Tuiasosopo

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Matt Tuiasosopo combines my reasons of the first two players. No more room for platooning in the outfield and his name is hard to spell, enraging me when he grounds into a double play on the first pitch with the bases loaded and the game on the line.

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#2 Ramon Santiago

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Ramon Santiago is a great guy. Baseball player? Eh. His long time spent with the Tigers have been most known for how great a guy he is and his performances in the annual Dancing with the Tigers charity competition. Great for a Miss America pageant, not so great for the tough business sports is.

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#1 Phil Coke

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Oh, Phil Coke. He is the virus that just won't leave your computer. I could post numbers, I could post outrage, but clearly Phil Coke has acquired information about his bosses that makes him indispensable. He is never leaving.