Alex Rodriguez Will Never Win Over New York Yankees Fans

By Gavin Ewbank
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Most players that put on the pinstripes are judged by New York Yankees fans for the way they perform on the field. For some players, like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, they’ll never be booed for what they do on the field. For other players, like Alex Rodriguez, simple movements like breathing and putting on socks will be judged by everyone.

A-Rod, like no other player, is scrutinized more harshly than anybody that has ever played the game of baseball. Tuesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Angels is a great example, a game in which A-Rod went 1-for-5. His one hit was a big one — a two-run double to left field in a four-run sixth inning, bringing cheers from each and every Yankees fan in the stadium.

But not long after, A-Rod came up again, struck out, and down rained the boos.

Never before have I seen a player so beloved by his own home crowd one minute, become so very hated by the same people just minutes later. A-Rod is a villain outside of the Bronx when he does something good and a villain throughout the entire world when he does something bad.

No one really cares about what the reception for A-Rod will be like anywhere but Yankee Stadium, because we all saw what happened in Chicago – he was booed with every step he took, and he’ll certainly be booed louder than anywhere else when the Yankees visit Fenway Park this weekend.

No, it’s all about how he’s perceived by his own home fans, and unless A-Rod can reach base safely in every at-bat and make every single play in the field, he’ll never be able to win over the Yankees faithful.

Gavin Ewbank is a Yankees writer for Rant Sports. Follow @GavinEwbank2013 on Twitter and check out his Yankees blog.

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