Ike Davis Should Not Be Part Of New York Mets' Future Plans

By Steven Carollo
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

New York Mets‘ Ike Davis had this 2013 season to do one thing: prove to the Mets’ organization that he belongs with this team.

Well to put it nicely… he has failed in every sense of the word. It is time to send Ike packing and hope that a change of scenery can help out his struggles, because when everyone thought he could not have a worse season than the first half of 2012, he went out and pulled a Jason Bay.

But what about Ike being a changed player and his amazing on-base streak?

I don’t buy that garbage for a second.

I mean, if you watch most of those at-bats, he is hitting the ball better, but a lot of them are walks. Yes, walks are good, but when a player like Davis is supposed to be the team’s future cleanup hitter, that just doesn’t cut it.

Ever since early July when Davis was called back up to the major leagues after spending some time in the minors, he has hit a grand total of one home run. Very impressive for a cleanup hitter, wouldn’t you say?

In my opinion, Davis is not a changed player at all. The whole point for his minor league stint was to fix his swing, and it is still the same to me. He still brings the bat down and then up again before he swings that bat, which wastes valuable time when timing a pitch, and he is still lunging at pitches out of the strike zone.

With a rookie like Wilmer Flores, who is tall and won’t have a position when All-Star third baseman David Wright comes back from injury, the team teach him how to play first base and trade Davis to some team who sees the potential in him. I’m sure there is some team out there.

However, some fans will say, “what if Ike turns into the next Chris Davis?”

I doubt that will happen but if it does, then so be it.

Ike has shown these past two seasons with the Mets that he is not reliable and not ready to be the cleanup hitter of the future the Mets thought he would be. Not only that, but in the few games Flores has played, he has shown that he is way ahead of Ike with his swing and ability to make contact at the plate, something Davis has done very little of all season despite having more power.

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