San Diego Padres: Injuries Have Derailed Rookie Season Of Jedd Gyorko

By Randy Holt
Jedd Gyorko
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 season of Jedd Gyorko got off to a pretty decent start for the San Diego Padres rookie. He had a strong month towards the end of April and into May, and began looking like a building block on the infield for the Pads. Fast forward a few months to today, and things haven’t been as pleasant for the infielder.

Gyorko has seen injuries essentially derail his season. He shook off some early struggles, and was actually seeing his numbers improve quite a bit for the year from the very beginning of the year, to early June. But just a couple months and a strained groin later, his season has gone south.

The season did get off to a bit of a rocky start for the rookie, but he picked things up in the middle of May and saw his average rise very quickly. In fact, he was able to get it up to just .250 in the middle of May, all the way up to .284 by the time June 9th rolled around. Then came the strained groin.

Since his return, and it took about a month for him to come back from the injury, Gyorko has had a rough go of things. He returned to action on July 12th, and since that point, the Padres’ season, and Gyorko’s, have essentially gone down the drain. Not that they were exactly contenders anyway.

Nonetheless, it’s been a disappointing stretch for what once looked like a promising season. His average has steadily gone down, as he’s currently sitting at just .249 on the season. He’s flashed some pop, with 12 home runs and 33 knocked in, in addition to 41 runs, but he hasn’t been able to recover completely since this slide.

At this point, Gyorko needs to focus on finishing strong and heading into next season completely healthy, and perhaps establishing himself as a key piece of the Padres moving forward at that point.

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