Victor Conte Is Way Off Mark Claiming 50% of MLB Players Use PEDs

By Andrew Fisher
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Most people thought they’d heard the last of Victor Conte. With the BALCO scandal now well in the past, Conte was a guy no one talking about during MLB‘s latest set of PED suspensions. But Conte apparently still has an opinion on the topic of performance enhancing drugs. In a recent interview with Jim Rome, Conte had this to say on how many players he thinks are still using illegal supplements:

“Well, if I define that as the entire calendar year, including the offseason. I believe it’s about 50 percent… Listen, performance-enhancing drugs work… I know that.”

50 percent? Really, Victor? Because that sounds awful high to me.

Anyone would be naive to think that the game of baseball is anywhere near clean. It’s not. Players are still cheating at this very moment, but to estimate that half of them are cheating, is a bit much. If Conte’s intent was just to get back in the headlines, well, he’s accomplished that. But I just don’t think there’s any validity to his comments…

He was also asked about Alex Rodriguez during the interview. The former PED mogul acknowledged that he talked with Rodriguez back in 2012 in a meeting arranged by Bill Romanowski (one of his former clients), but that A-Rod was only asking for ‘legal performance enhancement.’

Don’t get me wrong, Conte is somewhat credible, but his latest claims are just that. He simply has no way to back them up. But I also believe his comments serve as a good reminder that the PED battle in MLB is far from over. Players are still using and they will continue to use until the penalties for taking PEDs outweigh the rewards.


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